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Please be patient as the Surgery receives about 400 telephone calls EVERY day.
Also note, that all calls are recorded for training and for accuracy.

Llynfi Surgery has one of the latest digital telephone systems. With this system you will hear a recorded message which offers you a selection of options, these have been simplified recently so listen carefully:

House Calls and Urgent appointments that your illness or condition needs a doctor today (please ring as early as possible) Press 1
For routine doctor appointments please ring between 08:30 am and 10:00 am. Press 2
To cancel an appointment (ring 24 hrs  a day) Press 3 and follow the instructions.
For other enquiries Press 4
NB For nurse appointments for bloods, smears etc these are best made by ringing later in the day to avoid being engaged at the busy period after 08:30 am.

If you wish to speak to a specific doctor this can usually be arranged. The receptionist will suggest that the doctor will telephone you after surgery has finished, to avoid disruption to consultations. This will usually be at approximately 11.30 a.m. when the Doctor has finished morning surgery.

Calls to the surgery should cost no more than a national call from a land line.  Charges for calls from mobiles may be considerably more. Consult your telephony provider for details.

Note the surgery number has changed from the 0844 to 01656 739023.  However the 0844 is still active so please do not call it as you will be charged.  Calls from mobiles may be higher.  Check with your mobile provider.
Telephone System
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